PROPOSAL: $CITIZEN x $LOOT Physical SiLo Gear & IRL LARP Event

TLDR / Executive Summary

Come one come all, for adventure awaits… :dragon:


  • 1 piece of real world equipment for each individual piece of LOOT (as per LOOT listings)… Dragonskin Unisocks vibezzzz for the LARP massive
  • SiLo implanted on the gear that references the corresponding LOOT NFT ID, enabling unique IRL experiences mediated by smart contract games, through an open LOOT SiLo standard.
  • Tokenomics that favour both CITIZEN and LOOT holders (extra bonuses for both)
  • IRL LARP weekend corresponding with DevCon or other large scale ETH event

This project features two streams that are built to be self-contained, but really come to life together:

  1. Physical SiLo Gear
  2. IRL LARP Event

Perhaps these projects could seed CITIZEN affiliate/subsidiary DAOs if the community is open to it, once the infrastructure is in place

Physical SiLo Gear

Ye olde 'smithy, open for service… :crossed_swords:

Considering the explosion of activity that has happened around the LOOT ecosystem, we are proposing the development of an open SiLo standard for LOOT IRL games and experiences, based on LOOT item metadata - i.e. derived from OG Item listing NFTs, but also usable by synthetic LOOT or other LOOT derivatives. From here we would pursue the manufacture of a limited run of real-world luxury LOOT items to demonstrate the technology and as part of the launch of an awareness campaign for KONG/CITIZEN/SiLo technology and the emerging possibilities at the intersection of physical encryption and metaverse culture.

Available Items

Limited run divine robes or katanas for collector apes :kimono:

  • divine robes
    • work with metafactory to issue silk/satin kimonos
  • katanas, work with a historic katana dealer to source legendary swords
  • Bonus functionality if corresponding LOOT NFT is also owned and staked into the item NFT
  • Free entry to IRL LARP
    • limited run status is tagged in metadata, enabling IRL easter egg experiences

DIY Item Tags 🪙

  • Buy an attachment that connects the SiLo adaptor with your own DIY gear
  • low cost entry point for mass participation


  • ship to an address or pickup at LARP location

Tokenomics & Launch/Sale Mechanics

Whale Claim Game

  • Tokenized fractional claims on a bonding curve a la unisocks
  • Less robes available through this allocation than there are divine robes (or holders of divine robes)
  • Divine robes are required to claim (restrict the game to whales)
    • could just be a % discount for divine robes holders too while keeping the game open
    • Include CITIZEN Alpha Founder NFT holders in the claim whitelist as well (more value to CITIZEN)
  • UNIv3 LP position?
  • Proposed allocation for executing team
    • 3 robes for CITIZEN treasury
    • 6 robes for executing team members

Fixed Cost DIY Tags

  • Aim for accessibility, keep costs low
  • Perhaps sell on low-fee L2


  • All of the above options could be paid for using AGLD or ETH
    • Let’s discuss!
  • CITIZEN benefits
    • 50% Share of net revenues on non-citizen-holder sales accrues to citizen alpha founder nft holders / token holders (TBD)

      • Revenue share could accrue to LOOT or AGLD holders too theoretically


Call To Arms! (Form a) party like it’s block 13108877 :tada:
… i.e. LOOT contract deployment

  • LOOT holders and CITIZEN holders attend for free
  • Anybody can pay a paltry entry fee with AGLD to attend, using synthetic loot
  • Venue / Date
    • Serve as an afterparty to DevCon / EthCC / other large ETH event
      • open source the playbook/framework so that con organizers can throw their own LARP events
    • TBD
  • Quests / Games / Battles / Fun Ideas
    • DIY Item Competition
      • Entrants must integrate a SiLo DIY item tag
      • Winner items could win:
        • a special status NFT
        • prize money
        • featured resale on opensea
    • Item Marketplace
      • Items on sale in person, private “location-restricted” market, transfers executed on chain
      • Open for p2p trade, perhaps mediated by IRL smart contract integration
    • “Social Treasure Hunt” game
      • Encourage mixing/mingling for the party, spice it up with some fun roleplaying interactions
      • NFT or points minted for finding another person with a specific loot bag
        • this is used for leaderboard or prizes
    • XR PFP / Clans for Battles
      • Use CryptoPunks / BAYC / other PFP series as “clan avatars” to enable clan battles
      • The Battle game should ideally be amenable to pop-up flashmob p2p games in the future
        • inspired by HOFFNUNG 3000 p2p music festival - anybody can put out a call and mark on gps
    • This is a living document, please comment with further ideas and we can throw them up here, especially if you have extra cycles to help make the idea happen
  • Afterparty
    • High profile artists booked to perform a concert, they are featured as “NPC Deities” of the LARP realm
  • Budget & Tokenomics
    • TBD
    • Offload costs to sponsors and partners where possible
      • I assume AAVE or other social web3 protocols would love to be involved
      • Onboard LOOT ecosystem derivative projects to build on the
    • Contributors should be rewarded NPC deity status, perhaps through an NFT
      • Ideally we can also fund time through AGLD or LOOT grants, or some share of sponsorship/partnerships etc

To Do

  • Develop project plan & budgets for each initiative
  • Teaser photos and writeup / medium / twitter post
    • Early staking or fund lockup to pay for pre-launch work e.g. manufacturing etc?
  • Item shoppe website & contracts
  • IRL LARP event website

Available Tasks / Roles

We’d love to take on the PM / ownership roles for now, and would absolutely love extra help along these lines:

  • Full stack / smart contract devs
  • Social / Community Manager to handle the twitters etc
  • Game & Experience Designers

Requests to CITIZEN DAO

  • SiLo Chips for physical items
  • Support connecting with various Web3 buidlers and communities
  • Support developing into a subsidiary DAO through KONG infrastructure as it matures and as these projects grow
  • Give the go-ahead collectively to push this collab proposal to the LootDAO community forum

Further Considerations and Discussion Points

  • IRL interactions are VERY costly if done on mainnet
    • Game design could focus these for high value treasure claims or other high value interactions
    • Polygon, Solana or other L2 integration is also a possibility - KONG core team have been experimenting with L2s

Love this proposal! I think that this could be a phenomenal template for other projects. Agreed that we should work with MF on anything merch related; see for more on their work towards this already.

Worth thinking about items that are outside of the upcoming MF drop…maybe towards the katana idea?


Super cool idea, although tbh I kind of missed out on loot. :smirk:

Just a short brain dump of some game mechanics that could leverage the SiLo loot gear in IRL larp (that said I dont have larp experience)

  • party quests that require balanced group with special gear for certain tasks. This might be eg mage with wand or spell book, rogue with lock pick, cleric with staff, barbarian with axe etc
  • SiLo with gear sign L2 txs for certain contract interactions, eg casting a spell at a certain location
  • interactions that require to sign txs with certain gear at the same time (all txs need to be in the same bundle), so all group members need to do something at the same time
  • number of spells / hour eg could be limited via sc
  • access to areas or chests can be prohibited by smart locks that require certain interactions before they open
  • rewards for completing tasks/quests eg: xp, nft or silo gear in the big chest for the team opening it first

Bouncing off @phil.eth’s comments:

  • scan SiLo for health regeneration (on potions, from clerics, etc.)

I don’t want to get off track from @ndimwit’s vision, but down the road there’s potential to expand this concept to other games: on a similar note D&D (adding SiLos to miniatures), at-home escape rooms (scan to unlock boxes), and board games.

@ndimwit would you want to schedule a call for a group of us to talk through this? It seems like there’s enough interest here to get the ball rolling.

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I don’t want to get off track from @ndimwit’s vision, but down the road there’s potential to expand this concept to other games: on a similar note D&D (adding SiLos to miniatures), at-home escape rooms (scan to unlock boxes), and board games.

Yeah, I think this could spawn multiple DAOs.


I love these ideas @phil.eth and @ComputerBasics !!
Also agreed w/ @cameron re how this could spawn multiple daos. My current thinking is to structure this as a project DAO to tackle the physical gaming/item standard, using the first item’s development to raise funds. From there we can branch out into multiple sub-project DAOs for miniatures etc.
I’m heading afk at the end of the week until start of October but I’ll start organizing a group call in our discord for when I’m back :slight_smile:

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