Feedback requested: Alpha Citizen ERC721 Reveal Event: Beginning Stages

The reveal event for Alpha Citizenship has been a long time coming. There’s no doubt it is one of the most anticipated events within KONG Land next to Snapshot voting. I recommend we make the most of this event to not only shine a light on KONG Land itself but also utilize this event to recruit more Citizens via $CTZN. Possibly enticing new Alpha Citizens as well.

As someone who has seen and partaken in the launch of many NFT projects I would like to propose 2 tried and true strategies to begin the discussion of further ideas. Both are very budget friendly with the first one being Twitter.

Twitter is something that has been completely underutilized since the launch of the DAO and right now would be the perfect time to kickstart it back to an effective pace. The video teaser that was tweeted months prior was one of the most engaged tweets from @KongisCash. Because of this we should tweet out similar teasers involving the NFTs on a weekly basis leading up to the event.

Weekly teaser tweets would be the bare minimum to create hype around the reveal. To maximize our influence we would also have to entice the NFT community space in general. This means marketing the launch less on the values of KONG Land and the initiative and more on the specific traits of the NFTs themselves. This being the fact that they’re each uniquely rendered w/ unique audio, include a moon-dust integrated physical passport, and of course their scarce availability of 500 (plus any and all easter eggs that Paul has added).

We can do that with more creative tweets and integrating the distribution of a set # of $CTZN into a larger Twitter campaign. The lore around KONG Land allows for very creative narratives as well so I don’t think there will be an issue here.

Tweets & teasers are great but if we want to get directly to the source of the NFT community than we should also initiate collaborations with other NFT projects. This would not only bring KONG Land under the eyes of new communities but also create that first connection with projects/DAOs that could turn into long term partners.

Who could those be? Let’s talk about it. What NFT Twitter campaigns have you seen?

Key points for further discussion // feedback:

Marketing should focus strongly on the Alpha NFTs themselves. Any prizes or awards distributed other than $CTZN should contribute greatly to increasing engagement, etc. in some way.

Usually collabs with other NFT projects have each project create an NFT of the other projects style. Due to the nature of the Alpha NFTs, I suggest having a more HaLo chipped outlook where x NFT project could receive HaLo chips in return for promoting the Alpha reveal in some way.

I think utilizing $CTZN to create hype, whether that be a giveaway, etc, is a key component that should be explored further. Especially since Alpha still maintains a high barrier of entry.


Quick ideas:

– more blurred NFTs?
– more Passport pics? focus on meteorites?
– anyone with basic video skills to make a 10 second teaser combining render + passport?

Additionally with the reveal will be an updated Kong app with UI changes, which we could tease as well, or the “community” page of the website.

Could an advertising campaign on Twitter, Facebook or IG be paid?
I know people who have done it for their own company and it worked quite well.