Looking for partners for a new physical metaverse item

Hey people,

I am looking for partners in creating a new physical metaverse item.

It’s a bit secretive as I really believe in the idea behind it and don’t want a cheap copy of it to be the first to market. Lets say: We will definitely get back our investments.

Ideally, you know the web-end of this and are able to perform a little magic in the frontend world. For backend functions of the SiLos: we can hire. Also, we should be able to buy a CNC machine together - somewhere around $4-5k for a CNC machine that has the quality we need. I am located in the EU.

This is not supposed to be some hype thing - its just to get comfortable with creating physical metaverse items (which have a NFT as well). Maybe you are interested, if yes, drop me a PM on the kong discord.


:eyes: CNC!

On our todo list are easily tools to help with the SiLo backend so even folks without too much software/smart contract experience have options to get started.


I believe it may be cheaper to hire a job shop to cut your first run parts instead of buying a CNC initially. How many units on your first run and what materials are you looking at cutting? If you get a 3d model designed I can redline it for you and make suggestions to improve manufacturability if needed,

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Based on the project specifics, I feel very uncomfortable hiring a job shop. But sounds interesting, maybe we can have a chat in private? my name is the same in the #citizen channel.