Fractionalized Curio card #1 “Apples” Merchandise


The Citizens of Kong Land
A DAO crypto nation-state that “Exports” cutting-edge SiLo chip technology used for linking physical items to blockchain smart contracts.

A fashion house making blockchain-interactive clothing (AKA Digiphysical Goods) using Kong’s SiLo chips.

NFT artist Marisol Vengas (Max Infield)
One of the artists involved in Curio Cards, the first Ethereum-live NFTs, a collectible run of themed trading cards. As advised by Travis Uhrig, founder of the Curio Cards.

Proposed by:
“Howeird”- Kong Land Alpha Citizen #56

Proposal: Fractionalized Curio card #1 “Apples” Merch
Marisol Vengas will source an original “Apples” NFT Curio Card by the artist Phneep and fractionalize it with custom smart contracts. These fractionalized NFTs will be contract linked with KongLand SiLo chips implanted in a limited run of physical merchandise made by MetaFactory. This merch will depict the Apples art in its original form. The implanted SiLo chips can be scanned to validate the NFTs. The merch can be used for collecting, as a fashion statement, and potentially for future projects. The Citizens of Kong Land, either individually or as a DAO, may derive some sort of agreed-upon benefit from this project, potentially including early access, discounts, or profit sharing. MetaFactory will make profits from the sale of the merch, just like they do with their other offerings.

This collaboration could result in:

  • Increased publicity for all players
  • Potential exclusive options for holders of the fractionalized Curio Apples merch
  • Exclusive options or benefits for Kong Citizens (tbd)
  • More Sales for MetaFactory
  • Increased notoriety for the original Apples Card artist Phneep
  • Proof of concept for future fractionalized NFT’s in the crypto art/physical crypto space

Problems to be solved, costs to be paid, things to vote on:

  • Expense and complication of fractionalizing and gassing transactions of a legacy Ethereum NFT
  • Costs of production through MetaFactory
  • Expense to obtain an Apples Curio Card
  • How profits are allocated across all players
  • Production costs of SiLos
  • What exclusive tokenomic benefits (if any) should Kong Land Citizens get in exchange for this export?

I don’t know much about the Apples Curio Cards – were they pre-erc721? Love this idea of selling merch with fractions, makes me think of Pebbles/EtherRock.

Via Travis: Curio Cards are pre erc721 yes, we are even mentioned in the 721 eip. They don’t credit in eip what we influenced or not, but it has several things that up till then only we had done I believe, it just calls out the differences. Those differences are what erc1155 kept in when it came out later, ie allowing prints/multiples of a piece. In terms of art on ethereum, curio is pre-everything- we had to make all our own contracts.

My addition: for reference

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