Proposal: DAO of DAOs

The FUD guy in Bathhouse the other day was a pain, and you guys handled it well. But, there was a grain of truth to what he was saying.

Perhaps we should collectively working towards a clearer explanation of what CITIZEN is here to accomplish.

So with all that as background, I tried to synthesize and play back a bit of what I have heard you all say over the past months.

I tried to capture some of the common threads in ideas that have been passed around over the last few months here, and to riff on the idea of a DAO of DAOs.

I wrote it up as a KONG Proposal. I would be grateful if I could have 1 minute on the call tomorrow to talk it through with the community. Obviously please tear it apart - I’m not tied to any of it - it’s merely intended as a catalyst that we can use to move forward together.

KONG Proposal.pdf (603.6 KB)


Love the initiative! Thanks for putting this together. Can we keep your framework of driving value to Citizen NFT holders besides having so many different tokens?

The more tokens, the more complexity and messy it can get.

Thoughts on a more simple mechanism?


Great work on the pdf! I think you captured most of the main points. My only addition would be at least one page about the uniqueness of the silo tech and the potential use cases (eg physical smart contracts, multisig wallet guardians, metaverse bridges, real world easter egg hunts).

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