Proposal: Kong Land Music Collective

Executive Summary

The purpose of this post is to generate discussion around a Kong Land music collaboration. This is open to all citizens, regardless of musical ability. There are two parts to this proposal:

  1. Develop a music collective within Kong Land

  2. Promote SiLo technology via integration with physical music items

Music Collective
There are several citizens with music backgrounds (ie. sound designers, music producers, DJs). We could collaborate in many ways, but to keep the scope reasonable I’m proposing two primary starting points. A Kong Land “record label” of sorts, and/or the development of a super group.

These are up for discussion as to what these could actually look like. Perhaps the record label is limited to music releases by citizens - or the citizens run the label but the signed artists don’t need that qualification. For the super group, it seems there are several electronic music producer citizens. Perhaps we assemble an electronic music production team a la Wu-Tang Clan (unite as a whole and spread out to our individual projects while tying back to our affiliation with Kong Land). Or maybe we create processes for citizen producers to submit tracks to DJs or other producers to remix.

Physical SiLo Gear

@cameron and I met to discuss the possibility of integrating SiLo chips into vinyl records. The SiLos could be manually applied near the center of the record under the label. The label could include a ‘scan here’ design with instructions on how to unlock the associated NFT.

There are a couple things to consider in regards to the NFT:

  1. How exactly is the NFT associated with the SiLo chip / record? Do we want to prevent customers from separating the two?

  2. Who is the target audience? Are we selling NFTs where you can claim the physical record, or are we selling a deluxe record that includes a digital component? This will influence the pricing structure.

There was also a recent discussion on the Discord server about a potential collaboration with DreamLoops - possibly adding SiLo chips to their cassette tapes. So another question is, how can we develop this team to support collaborations like this? What does the process look like when other groups come to us with a project idea, and how do we approach other groups?

Available Roles
While we want musician citizens involved in this project, we will want to form a well rounded team. I see the core team consisting of the following roles:

  • Music producers, Sound Designers, etc.

  • Marketing / Social Media Manager

  • Video Producers and Animators

  • Software Developers

Requests to CITIZEN DAO

  • SiLo chips for physical items

  • Support developing into a subsidiary DAO through KONG infrastructure as it matures and as these projects grow

Next Steps

  • Assemble a team of citizens interested in developing this project

  • Schedule a call with the team to talk through the proposal in more detail

Shout out to @ndimwit for creating the proposal template!


I love this idea @ComputerBasics !


I’m a musician, software engineer, and citizen. Would like to participate and contribute.


Awesome! Glad to have you both on board.

I’ll wait a few more days to see if anyone else responds, and we can set up a call later this week.

Hi guys,
Thank you ComputerBasic for the submission. I am a music producer and love the idea of collaborating. Very intrigued about the future of music on the blockchain, in tandem with NFTs and silo chips. Seems like music is yet to make its mark on the space. Looking forward to seeing this conversation evolve.

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