“NFT Vending Machine” physical artwork


The Citizens of Kong Land
A DAO crypto nation-state that “Exports” cutting-edge SiLo chip technology used for linking physical items to blockchain smart contracts.

NFT artist Marisol Vengas (Max Infield)
One of the artists involved in Curio Cards, the first Ethereum-live NFTs, a collectible run of themed trading cards. Marisol is also an established multimedia artist and crypto entrepreneur.

Proposed by:
“Howeird”- Kong Land Alpha Citizen #56

Proposal: “Vending Machine” art
Marisol Vengas and/or collaborators will create a piece of original studio art, implanted with a SiLo chip linked with a corresponding NFT. This NFT will be minted using the EOS protocol on the WAX blockchain, and have the ability to function as a “Vending Machine”. This means it can mint new tokens or secure links when a user interacts with a smart contract by scanning the linked SiLo. This proposal is open ended and the following need to be finalized through discussion between the Citizens of Kong Land, Marisol Vengas, or any appropriate advisors:

  • What the physical art piece is
  • What the corresponding “Vending Machine” NFT is represented by
  • The type, application, amount, availability, and tokenomics of the minted
  • How exactly the “Vending Machine” contract is written and deployed on WAX

This collaboration could result in:

  • Increased publicity for all players
  • Exclusive options or benefits for Kong Citizens (tbd)
  • Profit for Marisol Vengas
  • Proof of concept for the NFT “Vending Machine”
  • Proof of concept for use of Kong SiLos on blockchains other than Ethereum (in this case WAX/EOS)

Problems to be solved, costs to be paid, things to vote on

  • Materials, production, and curation costs for the original art piece by Marisol Vengas/co.
  • Dev costs of the EOS/WAX contracts needed
  • Artistic design of the NFT and it’s derived tokens (if they take the form of NFT art)
  • What becomes of the physical art piece- if sold, how are profits distributed, if not, who gets it, and where will it reside in meatspace?
  • What exclusive tokenomic benefits (if any) should Kong Land Citizens get in exchange for this export?

Interesting, does EOS/WAX offer grants for this? One thing that’s been rolling around in my head is that we should try to get grants from other chains in order to cover replicating dev work on those chains.

I really like the broad strokes of this as a template for art purposes; scan SiLo and use that attestation to do something.

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