Let's talk about $LAND

On the most recent $CITIZEN forum call, we discussed $LAND, the economic token of KONG Land. So far, $LAND has been distributed through an initial airdrop, rewarding early Citizens. We assessed its current state and brainstormed how we can boost its utility and value both within and one day outside of KONG Land. This post aims to capture the ideas discussed, get your feedback, and decide what to tackle first, most likely via a Snapshot vote. We’ll also need to figure out how to resource and implement eventually.

$LAND Distribution

Strategically distributing $LAND and enhancing its utility are key to incentivizing participation and rewarding contributions within KONG Land. Explore further distribution methods such as contribution rewards, future airdrops to Citizens, and a $LAND Universal Basic Income (UBI) system, while making $LAND transferrable and exchangeable.

  • Determine optimal $LAND distribution strategies going forward
  • Build smart contracts for new distribution and utility mechanisms

$LAND Migration to L2

Migrating $LAND to a Layer 2 solution addresses high transaction costs, making $LAND transactions more accessible.

  • Evaluate and select an appropriate Layer 2 solution for $LAND
  • Develop a burn-and-mint mechanism for $LAND migration to Layer 2

Exploring $LAND-based Exports

Linking $LAND to digital and physical exports within KONG Land to enhance its utility and value, leveraging assets like the Citizen.ETH subdomains and creating customizable profile pages linked to passport IDs.

  • Identify the initial exports to focus on
  • Design a system for purchasing exports with $LAND
  • Develop partnerships for creating and distributing $LAND-based exports

DAO-to-DAO $LAND Exchanges

Facilitating DAO-to-DAO exchanges using $LAND and/or our exports. By establishing mechanisms for such exchanges, KONG Land can engage with broader communities, potentially attracting new citizens and enriching the ecosystem with diverse collaborations and opportunities.

  • Identify potential DAO partners with synergistic goals and values for collaboration
  • Identify tools focused on DAO-to-DAO interactions
  • Pilot DAO-to-DAO exchange projects to refine processes and establish best practices for future collaborations

Citizen Profile Pages

Building detailed profile pages for KONG Land citizens to display chosen information. The profile pages, linked to passports, will serve as a comprehensive digital identity system within KONG Land.

  • Develop customizable profile pages that allow citizens to select and display personal and achievement-related information
  • Integrate these profile pages with existing passports
  • Explore white-labeling the bundle as a unique KONG Land export

Bounty Framework Development

Develop a framework for the issuance, tracking, and payout of bounties to support the execution of prioritized initiatives. This ensures efficient mobilization of community expertise and rewards contributions towards key projects.

  • Identify tools suitable for bounty issuance, tracking, and payouts
  • Integrate these tools into the existing community engagement platforms
  • Outline procedures for submitting work, evaluating contributions, and distributing rewards