Senate Minutes - September 8, 2022

Senators Present

Brent (#0007), Cameron (#0048), Cadillion (#0027), Chris (#1001), Digit (#0045), K. (#1002)


  • Reviewed re-opening the Senate T1 open seat due to pmg’s recent resignation
  • Mcon focus this week took some time away from $LAND distribution work
  • Conversation re: additional $LAND utility. Ideas:
    • Citizens regularly contribute small amounts of $LAND to the treasury to access the KONG embassy
    • Treaties with other DAOs to access $LAND and the embassy
  • Discussed proposal from recent community call by Julio to create an Urbit <> KONG community
  • Revisited $CTZN batch sale
    • .33 ETH initial price
    • Direct sale via website
    • See CityDAO token sale example
  • Devkit status
    • Chips and packaging are ready
    • Need to update documentation before making kits for broader distribution
  • Draft a mid-term review update
    • Forum post + update during next community call on 9/21

what is the address for the Kong Urbit embassy?

If you’re referring to an Urbit group, @julio recently shared the Urbit group he created :point_down: