Senate Minutes - September 1, 2022

Sept 1, 2022

pmg, digit, cadillion, cameron, Brent, K (secretary: cadillion)


First 5 mins: Review previous meeting minutes, status of action items, and new immigration requests

Last 5 mins: Refresh action items, review minutes and post to forum


  • $LAND progress conversation
    • Contract is almost done
    • Some difficulties with claims based on the charter being signed, may be easier to offer bonus LAND for signing the charter
    • Will be available for ERC-721 holders, claim open for limited time period
    • Transfer allowlist controlled by the DAO with a killswitch that opens the allowlist to everyone
    • Will wait until after MCON for deployment
  • Immigration tokens went out
    • 4 new citizens sent intros
      • 2 founders building smart contracts for chips
      • 1 designer who has contributed graphic design for kong previously
      • 1 business dev referred by howeird working in cannabis distribution
  • Went through DAO tooling, pros and cons of layer3 and dework
    • Brent implemented significant test work in dework
    • K shared about experience with Orca
  • Paul to step down from Senate seat
    • Announce in discord before bi-weekly citizen call
    • Discuss with community whether someone has a desire to replace him on the senate for the rest of the term
  • Events
    • MCON
    • SF Blockchain week
    • CESC
  • Saeculum 0 retrospective
    • What have we done
    • What can we still accomplish this term
    • What do we hope Saeculum 1 will accomplish?