Senate Minutes - October 6, 2022

Oct 6, 2022


Brent (#0007), cadillion (#0027), Cameron (#0048), DAOFREN (#1008), Digit (#0045), K. (#1002)




First 5 mins: Review previous meeting minutes, status of action items, and new immigration requests

Last 5 mins: Refresh action items, review minutes and post to forum


  • Added DAOFREN to Gnosis multi-sig
  • Conversation to deploy $LAND contract
    • 6 month claim period, unclaimed tokens go back to the airdrop fund
    • Two tranches of airdrop for alpha CITIZEN
      • 238 alphas have burned their token and are eligible for 500k
      • IDs 239-500 can burn during airdrop period for 200k $LAND
      • Remaining eligible tokens promised to alphas will be airdropped in the future
    • Will time drop with Bogota and end drop on April Fools
    • Can we use LAND to get sub-DAOs involved?
      • Perhaps the SILO claims are incentive enough?
      • Should probably wait until we have an official treasury diversification and DAO incorporation framework
    • Kong treasury will get allotment immediately, so can issue additional token at will (within limits of accepted allocation proposal)
  • Bogota event will be planned, lunch or dinner
  • SF Blockchain Week event confirmed
    • Brent to coordinate logistics and create Eventbrite listing