Senate Minutes - October 13, 2022

Oct 13, 2022


Brent (#0007), cadillion (#0027), Cameron (#0048), DAOFREN (#1008), Digit (#0045)




First 5 mins: Review previous meeting minutes, status of action items, and new immigration requests

Last 5 mins: Refresh action items, review minutes and post to forum


  • LAND contract deployed (Land | Address 0x72f29a3fdC7Fe0d4D1d69E4a16763919Dd9d7817 | Etherscan)
    • Core LAND contract with minting capabilities and can delegate minting capability to other contracts
    • Only two contracts have claims at launch: CITIZEN NFT claim and KONG token balance
    • Transferred CITIZEN can still claim LAND, but claimed LAND without a CITIZEN token is soulbound
    • Cannot claim until claim contracts are verified on Etherscan
    • UX development in progress for non-smart contract savvy
  • Meetup event being planned on Sunday, Nov. 6 during SF Blockchain Week
  • With release of LAND can create org structure and bounty board
    • table Org Structure, Bounty Board until K and Brent are both present

Action Items

  • Working group/org structure – Arx/KONG Land
  • Deploying $CTZN liquidity
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Very exciting! :partying_face:
My life is starting to get back to a regular schedule and I hope to make it for the next biweekly meeting. Always stoked to see you guys continuing to build during the bear.

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