Want to help build KONG Land? āœ‹ List of current contribution opportunities

Want to contribute to or have an opportunity to add to this list? Reply below :point_down:

Last updated: April 15, 2022


  • Editor for a technical blog post on KONG chip hardware (SiLos and HaLos)
  • GitBook organization (gather and consolidate general project info, technical info, other resources, etc.) - kongland.gitbook.io
  • Help to create an initial org framework proposal - see forum post
  • Help with creating a work visa program (to learn citizenship) - see forum post


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Iā€™d like to help in every possible way, however, I think the one that best suits my skills is the marketing campaign

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@CharlyCnS the marketing channel on the forum is where most of the discussion in happening ā€“ maybe hop in there or sync with @Sacris? There is a marketing sync call planned for next week.

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