Senate Minutes - June 30th, 2022

June 30, 2022

Senators Present

#0007, #0027, #1001, #0051, #1002, #0048


  • Review minutes from Jun 23, 2022
  • Org Framework
    • How much do we need to implement explicit org structure?
      • Thin org layer for policy setting and resource allocation, empower sub-DAOs
    • Can community self-organize on certain working group topics without funding?
    • May require LAND token and USD before we can mobilize working groups
      • Market is competitive, smart contract engineers will require combination USD and crypto
  • Community Organization Frameworks
    • Coordinape vs Common Stack vs Praise vs Tally
    • Community vote to experiment with one of them
    • - issue pre-$land token
    • Enspiral - new zealand coordination
      • If it doesn’t require money, self-organize
      • If it requires a little money, ask the senate for a budget
      • If it requires more money than the senate can allocate, get a snapshot vote
    • Common Accord - blockchain governance models
    • Sobol -
  • Tabling org discussion until we have tokens to grant people
  • Immigration Discussion
    • Fractional citizenship as “visa” - more work == more fractional tokens (danger could lose some as dust)
    • Need to decide if we want a secondary market: yes or no
      • Vote to put in front of citizens on forum and see what they think
    • Need to decide what the actual semesterly budget is
      • How do we distribute the CTZN granted by the proposal?
      • Do we require a snapshot vote to distribute this CTZN?
        • Seems like extra votes for no reason, edit proposal to be explicit on limits and spending
    • Edited immigration proposal for review by the citizenship
    • Post Immigration proposal to forum immediately and post final proposal on 7.04.2022
    • Given the difference between DAO and traditional corporations, what should we be aware of going to fundraise?
    • Need to be strategic about who we take intros from so we can refine pitch before meeting with top choice funders