Senate Minutes - July 14th, 2022

July 14, 2022

Senators Present

#0051, #0045, #0027, #0048, #1001

-three senators traveling to Europe for EthCC


  • Immigration policy passed
  • Tentative support on last policy
    • In part due to short notice on this to vote before 4th of July
    • In future all proposals should be available for discussion on community call before vote closes
  • Selling $ctzn
    • If we list [XX] for direct sale should be Auction mechanism
    • Tradeoff of auction vs continuous sale
    • How to sell
      • A) Put in a contract for sale
      • B) Put into Uniswap pool
    • Action Item: Motion to put [XX] ctzn into contract for direct sale
  • Review google form for applying for citizenship
    • Issue fractional token to get into gated discord
    • As they do work they earn remainder of citizen token
    • Carte blanche approach - every citizen gets one $ctzn referal
    • Action Item:Motion to notify citizens about existence of form and promote each citizen to refer 1 potential immigrant
      • TBD issue POAP for to every citizen that successfully refers a candidate
  • Subdao vs Affiliate
    • Kong Land provides economic support to Subdaos
  • $land discussion
    • Work measured in “points” / “xp” / some other term tbd
      • Phased roll-in
    • Action Item: [redacted]
  • Action Item: Venue for citizen meetup at EthCC
  • Action Item: Konference mini-con for MCon in Denver September
  • Action Item: Reach out to any podcast hosting Balaji this week to get attention about Network States
  • Action Item: Get #0007 to provide final Google Sheet form for citizen
    • #0045 needs to host at a custom url
    • #0027 to write announcement post to citizens
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