Re-opening Nominations: KONG Land Senate [Remainder of Term 1]

Hello fellow citizens, this post is to inform you that we are reopening Senate nominations for the remainder of Term 1 due to @pmg’s recent Senate resignation.

As stated in the KONG Land Senate Formation Proposal’s “Exception Process”, the Senate has determined that it makes sense to backfill the vacant Senate seat. As also stated, pmg’s compensation for the remainder of the T1 term, Senator roles on this forum and Discord, and Treasury multisig access have been revoked.

Please use this thread to nominate any KONG Land citizen in good standing for the vacant Senate seat, including yourself.

IMPORTANT: Whether you’re nominating yourself or another, please be sure to leave an explanation as to why you feel that person is qualified for the position. This will greatly help others make an informed come time for the Snapshot election vote.

The nomination Discord channel has been re-opened for any nomination discussions and campaigning. You can find it under the ── SENATE ── category in #🗳┊elections-t1.

Timeline for nominations and the subsequent Snapshot vote:

  • Sept. 7 - 21 - Nomination period
  • Sept. 22 - 24 - Snapshot vote

I’d like to put @ramicaza up for nomination. Nico has shown continued effort in progressing utility and function for Kong chips. He’s invested in the future of this project and I think would be a great mind on the senate.
I do know he is busy working in an accelerator program so I’m not sure if he’d accept the position. But as far as qualifications go, the man is a great contender.


I would definitely second @ramicaza and I would also like to nominate @DAOFREN. He’s helped to socialize KONG Land and HaLo chips, notably within MetaFactory.


I Second @DAOFREN, he seems like a doer, and his involvement with MF shows he knows how to push KONG, something we’ll need more of when devkits drop.


+2 for the @ramicaza and @DAOFREN nominations.

Many folks may not recognize @ramicaza as he’s been quietly contributing behind the scenes to advancing the KONG chip tech stack. I’ve been fortunate to get to know him IRL, and he is a genuinely awesome human who is super passionate about the project and extremely knowledgeable about its technology. He would make a fine Senator.

@DAOFREN is another awesome human being who has been a huge advocate for KONG within the MetaFactory (MF) ecosystem. He’s been a long-time MF core project member and contributes across multiple fronts. He is super passionate about the open Metaverse and has valuable experience from building out the MF DAO that would greatly benefit the KONG Land Senate.

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I would also like to nominate @Howeird who has both provided a bunch of help in GitBook and been an early, eager and supportive $CITIZEN.


+1 for @Howeird for the same reason. He’s continually involved in discussion and the progression of our gitbook page.

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Agree with @DAOFREN !

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Appreciate the nomination, mucho :pray:

Been keen to get more involved, schedule has been cleared for forum calls going forward regardless of outcome.

From a tech stack / development standpoint - 0 Star Offering. From a hypeman, MF bridge and partnership acquisition - up for offering all that I can on that front. Excited for the dev kit concept, would love to work with IRL and some others on exploring HaLo chipped physical art form factor, also a big fan of On-Chain Records and could potentially plug some new people on that front (Had rallied some people for “MetaFactory Records” previously, but was pre-HaLos. I know Boomboxhead could be a great addition… could reach out to Onhel as well and my buddy Harve Forte. Brother works in the industry for sound engineering and stage management, but don’t think I can lockdown Snoop lol

At the end of the day, elect whoever is most beneficial for Kong… Pmg sports some massive boots to fill :grimacing:

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Update: Nominations are closed, and the Snapshot vote is now up.

Please note that there is a timelock on the vote, so it won’t be live until Sep 23, 2022, 3:21 AM.

Update: The vote is now live!

The vote ends in 3 days so be sure to make your voice heard by Sep 26, 2022, 3:21 AM.