Open Nominations: KONG Land Senate [Term 2]

Hello fellow citizens,

This post is to inform you that Senate Term 1 has ended and we’re kicking off the process to elect Senators for the next term, which will run from Jan - June '23.

  • Timeline for nominations and the subsequent Snapshot vote:
    Dec. 5 - 17 - Nomination period
    Dec. 18 - 31 - Snapshot vote

  • Before making a nomination, please familiarize yourself with the KONG Land Senate Formation proposal, which details Senator requirements and expectations.

  • A temporary Discord channel has been created for nomination discussions and campaigning. You can find it under the ── SENATE ── category in #🗳┊election-t2.

  • Whether you’re nominating yourself or another, please be sure to explain why you feel that person is qualified for the position. This will greatly help others make an informed come time for the Snapshot election vote.

  • T1 Senators for reference:

    • Brent (#0007)
    • cadillion (#0027)
    • Cameron (#0048)
    • Chris (#1001)
    • Digit (#0045)
    • DAOFREN (#1008)
    • K (#1002)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly recommend that the next Senate group sync less often and introduce longer working sessions open to citizens. While our weekly meetings were useful for sharing updates, we sometimes felt constrained in what we could discuss and produce since we only had an hour available. Restructuring its meeting cadence and structure should allow the Senate to be even more effective in guiding KONG Land’s growth.

Please go ahead and nominate Senators for Term 2 :point_down:


My tenure T1 was short – filling in PMG’s vacant seat.

That said, I’d nominate the current roster to maintain the cadence unless a current Senator’s availability/commitment isn’t reliable for T2.

Another approach if re-electing the same Senate would be expanding with 1 new additional member for the new term. Fresh blood/energy can be valuable.

Personally if elected T2, would like to focus some energy towards $LAND and the Distribution Schedule. Standardizing a template for scoped $LAND budget requests to take to snapshot, and some low friction means for Citizen Recognition and/or self-reporting contributions for periodic $LAND distros. Make reward mechanisms for innovation/work on ERS & chip applications, value adds to the DAO/culture, and for IRL & digital Kong experiences/experiments.



I would like to help to continue to help shepherd KONG Land in another term. I have worked on chips, smart contracts and events for KONG Land. In a second term I would prefer to involve more $CITIZENs directly in planning and executing on how to grow the $CITIZENry as well as deploy better secure chip technology broadly.


KM, likewise supportive of my fellow senate members of the last 12 weeks, and would love to work with them again. I’m aligned with Cam on getting more citizens involved in the day-to-day operations and pushing for EIP acceptance on ERS in the next term.

As posted in Discord, here’s my contributions from the last term:

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This thread is being re-opened to accept additional Senator nominations for the next 2 weeks (1/13 - 1/27).

Please see the following Proposal: Changes to Senate Framework in 2023 for context.

KM. I’m happy to re-nominate for the sake of retaining institutional know-how, or to join the open workshops as a CTZN to contribute if others want to nominate.

I have contributed to the strategy of KL, as well as the organisational structure (including governance function, manufacturing hub function, and DAO contributions), and each proposal put forth by the Senate during my term.


I’d like to renominate as well. I’ve personally worked on general Kong Land strategy, events, design needs (merch, website, etc), managed CTZN immigrations, and have worked on chips generally alongside @Cameron.


I’d like continue to add value to KONG Land as a Senator for the next term and am re-nominating myself. My previous contributions include:

I’m nominating Dr. Datamosh (@ComputerBasics) for the Senate. He’s been a strong supporter and advocate for KONG Land since the beginning and is also an active integrator. He founded On-Chain Records, which is creating digi-physical records using KONG chips. I believe that his firsthand experience as an integrator will be extremely valuable in Senate discussions.

Thanks for the nomination, @brent-007 !

As you mentioned, I have been an active member of Kong Land since the beginning. My contributions include:

  • Serving as a Kong Land ambassador at IRL events including CES, Eth Denver, and NFTNYC
  • Coordinating events: NFTNYC, virtual option for the alpha citizen NFT reveal, and Eth Denver (upcoming)
  • Educating the web3 music community on Kong Land
  • Participating in most community calls
  • Serving as a mod in the Discord server
  • Building the metaverse Kong Land Embassy

I’m excited for the change from weekly Senate meetings to longer working group sessions, as this will allow for more transparency into the behind-the-scenes work and more opportunities for citizen contributions. I’m particularly interested in contributing to formalized education around the HaLo chip capabilities, and exploring new use cases for the chips.