Now Open: Nominations for KONG Land Senate Term 3 - 2024

Attention Citizens,

We’re initiating the election process for KONG Land Senate, Term 3 - 2024. Due to unforeseen forum downtime, the originally scheduled nominations and elections planned for last December had to be rescheduled.

:date: New Schedule

  • Nominations: Jan. 10 - Jan. 24, 2024
  • Snapshot Vote: Jan. 25 - Feb. 8, 2024

:mag: Before Nominating
Please review the KONG Land Senate Formation Proposal before nominating to understand the qualifications and responsibilities expected of Senators.

:speech_balloon: Discord Discussion
The #🗳┊elections-t3 Discord channel is now open for all election-related discussions and campaigning. We encourage everyone to join and make their voice heard in shaping our future!

:ballot_box: Nomination Process
Post your nominations in this thread, whether you’re nominating yourself or someone else. Include why you feel the nominee is a suitable candidate to help aid others during the Snapshot vote.

:memo: Additional Info
The structure of the Senate remains unchanged:

  • Senate Composition: 7 Senators
  • Term Duration: 1 Year
  • Compensation: 500,000 $LAND

Term 3 Senators Reference List:

  • Brent (Citizen #0007)
  • Cadillion (Citizen #0027)
  • Cameron (Citizen #0048)
  • Digit (Citizen #0045)
  • DAOFREN (Citizen #1008)
  • Dr. Datamosh (Citizen #0023)
  • K (Citizen #1002)

Let the Nominations Begin! :point_down:


I nominate Brent for being a constant source of project management, scheduling, and good marketing ideas.

Cameron and Digit are must-have nominees for obvious reasons of being the main individuals pushing the DAO forward. I nominate them both unequivocally.

The rest of the current Senate is pretty great too, but I’ll let some others throw out nominations

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I would like to nominate Matt H (#0024) & BongAnon (#0178). They have been instrumental in the success of Kong Land since it inception, consistently brainstorming innovative use cases for HaLo chips and driving the community forward.

Matt H’s exceptional design skills and coordination of major events such as CES, Eth Denver, and NFTNYC, combined with BongAnon’s unwavering support and creativity, make them ideal Kong Land senators.

I would love to nominate someone who will
prioritize actions to build tooling and a user interfaces for non technical creators who want to issue their own content to chips, provide some customization, and add some ability to interact with people who have interacted with their chip. Things have been pretty analog. I love the concept of permission-less technology with no gates- decentralization. It’s been years of promises with out much outcome. I’m patient, but need some reassurances or understanding of what this will take. So; whoever can give me some framework of this and what it’ll take realistically for me to understand how to achieve this has my vote. I love Kong land and I’m here to be supportive and see the original visions through. I love everyone of you.