Proposal: KONG Land Senate Formation

Fyi, you bumped senator pay to 500M land which is 1/3 of all land. Did you mean 500k?


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haha dammit. def meant it to be 500K :man_facepalming: the perils of doing work late in the evening :sleeping: I just updated all the 500M > 500K

good looking out :pray:

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This is more of a question than feedback. Will the Senators also be responsible for forming committees to look at special issues that arises (new Kong initiative) or maybe a risk committee to keep track of any systematic risk facing the community?

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Thanks for your question! The answer is ‘yes’.

Whether they’re called ‘committees’ or something else, as mentioned in the proposal under Scope of Responsibilities, “the Senate may secure help necessary to fulfill the above functions, including creating grants and bounties, new organizational roles and their compensation structures, software and tooling, etc.”

Also, just a heads up that we’re working off the revised v2 proposal which you can find here.