Proposal: Changes to Senate Framework in 2023

Based on a review of the progress made in the past year, the outgoing Senate Committee is suggesting changes to improve the effectiveness of the Senate for 2023. We welcome feedback on this proposal over the next two weeks and plan to put it to a formal vote after.

For reference, the Senate currently operates under this framework.

  1. It is proposed that the frequency of senate meetings will be once per month, with workshops held at least once per quarter.

    • The Senate will continue to offer strategic guidance and will organize workshops.
    • However, it will move away from directly executing specific actions, as it has done in the past, and focus more on providing direction and supporting working groups.
  2. All $CITIZEN are welcome and encouraged to participate in the workshops.

    • Workshops may overlap with IRL citizen get-togethers during the year (with an online component).
    • Workshops would be topical with respect to strategic goals established by $CITIZENs. Example topics might include immigration, DAO-to-DAO collaboration, sub-DAO relationships or chip, and protocol development.
    • We envision the first workshop will focus on structuring working groups with clear objectives, budgets, bounties, etc. (the implementation of which will likely require a subsequent vote)
    • Working groups can meet more frequently than the workshops and will be responsible for specific initiatives.
    • The workshops will serve as checkpoints to review the progress and impact of these working groups, and this structure will give citizens greater opportunities to take ownership of initiatives and functions within KONG Land.
  3. The term length for senators should be extended from six months to one year to maintain institutional knowledge and stability in 2023.

    • No change to senator compensation per term. Each senator will be compensated 500k $LAND for the proposed annual term (given the change in frequency of meetings, overall time commitment should be commensurate).
  4. Given the change in expectations, we are reopening senator nominations for another two weeks. If you’d like to nominate yourself or another citizen, please do so here.

    • This proposal’s vote and the senator’s election vote will run concurrently.
    • Previous senators will be included in the election vote as they were already nominated and any new nominees will be added.
    • There is no change to the number of total senators - currently at 7.
    • If this proposal’s vote does not pass, the election vote will still be binding.

So stoked for workshops!
I’m eager to learn the ways of the halo chip. Take me as your pupil. :man_bowing: