KONG Land Agora: A Hub for Citizen Engagement

KM Citizens,

In an effort to improve the representation of our community and chipped asset exports, we’re excited to share the development of the ‘KONG Land Agora’ - a digital agora for the modern citizens of KONG Land.

Basic Functionality (In scope)

The Agora aims to be the central square of our community, starting with:

  • A profile directory to showcase Citizen PFPs
  • The ability to enrich profiles with bios and social links
  • Options for Citizens to register and manage their own subdomain (e.g., xxx.citizen.eth)
  • Assign yourself a unique alias, which will be displayed alongside your Citizen number

Reach Functionality (Potentially in scope)

If the budget allows, we also envision a broader functionality, including:

  • The ability to purchase additional aliases
  • A system to register secure chipped goods and associated content to profiles
  • An extensive directory of all Citizen profiles with sorting capabilities

Future Vision (Not in scope)

Looking ahead, we aim to expand with:

  • A guided process for Citizens to reveal their PFPs if they haven’t yet done so
  • A dynamic network state dashboard
  • The potential for other DAOs to acquire citizen.eth subdomains
  • Aesthetic unity between the Agora and our governance forum, with seamless integration


The Agora design is mostly complete; however, it needs updating since it was created years ago.

Next Steps

The Senate will search for a skilled developer with front-end Web3 expertise in React and fund the effort within its established levels of discretion. If you know of anyone, please share this post and have them reach out to any Senator on Discord.

Feedback Requested

Your input is invaluable - we seek your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions to collec shape Agora into the cornerstone of our cryptostate. Do you have any questions about the Agora? Are there any additional features you would like to see?

Please share your thoughts below!