Proposal: $CTZN Visas

Thanks for that. The (to me at least) sketchy-ness of KYC and resulting undesired persistence and thus vulnerability of data are less than ideal. I’ve been waiting for the NFT launch to start building reputation with an .eth suffix. Even that doesn’t solve the problem of (grasping for terms) fragmented portability (identity sharding?) that would allow me to break off credentials from one identity to another. Put another way if a given 0x address has assets a,b,c…n credentials but I don’t want to disclose to a 3rd party such and such credential how do I break, or at least obfuscate, that connection without starting over? Getting paranoid about this I could imagine a scenario where an attacker spams addresses with some asset (a really awful NFT image or “membership” to political party that is on the ruling party’s sh§tlist) and thus “poisoning the well” forcing the victim to either live with having a sh§tstain on their wallet (sending soulbound NFTs?) or forcing them to restart the accrual of credentials/reputation etc. I’m sure there are holes in this thinking but, it’s been itching me for a while.